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Nov 02

What We Wore: Hollah-ween!

Hey everyone! I hope y’all had a scary, fun, and safe Halloween. I wanted to share a picture of me and Baby Cat’s Halloween costume! We decided to go as skeletons! HAHA 

Thank you to the Etsy shop "Inspire Your Walls" for the cute and clever maternity iron on!


Oct 25

DIY: Duct Tape Patterned Pumpkins

I see pattern…

…on duct tape!

Hey everyone! Looking for a last minute pumpkin decorating diy for Halloween this year? This DIY uses duct tape and some scissors. And it was pretty easy, I must say!

First, pick your patterns and colors of duct tape you want to use.  I picked up the zigzag and lime green patterns from JoAnn’s and the mustache printed one was from Home Depot. I couldn’t resist the stache! :{

For the big one, start by lining up the duct tape to one of the the lines on the pumpkin. Because I used real pumpkins, the lines ended up not being an exact guideline for each stripe of tape, but for the most part, they were pretty helpful.

Don’t stick your strips of tape down to the pumpkin completely yet. You will, first, want to cut one side of the tape on a curve so it will fit to the roundness of the pumpkin. I just eyeballed it. If that does not work for you, you may try an X-acto knife instead of scissors. This could be a better option for some. If you stick with the scissors, after a couple cuts, you will start to notice stickiness from the duct tape building up on the blades of your scissors. This will make it harder and harder to cut through the tape. When this starts to happen, grab a paper towel and squirt some Goo Gone on it and wipe away the “goo.” Taking the time to clean your scissors throughout the process will help tremendously. Once you have your strip cut, you can then attach it completely to the pumpkin.

Continue until you have as many stripes of tape on your pumpkin that you need.

As for the other two styles…

Basically, you just cut and stick. Again, I just winged it with my circles (that are not perfect by any means) and my mustache face. Tip - to help make the mustache look more like a mustache, I noticed that leaving the curled ends unstuck from the pumpkin helps. Doing this gives it a little 3D effect. haha

And, if you are worried that you may not be the best at cutting out circles, try triangles! Those are easy and just as cute! Snip, snip, snip, stick, done! :)

And look! What a pretty mess you make with your scraps! haha

I mustache you a question… 

Do you think this little guy is handsome or what!? I’d date him! haha

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Punkin’ Decorating DIY. I am really pleased with them.

Side note - If you missed my pumpkin post from last year, check it out here! That was my first attempt at pumpkin decorating. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just did a whole lot of everything! I even had a pumpkin painting party and invited all my friends over to experiment with me! We had a blast!

Anyway, Have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! BOO! Fall is the best! ;)


Oct 22


Hey Yall It’s Fall!

I am so sorry for not posting in quite some time… Im cryin’ about it over here, I promise! ;( October has just fuh-lown by, don’t you think?

Side note - That means I have less than two months before my bebe is born!! Holy Crap! - But that’s a-whole-nother story for another time! haha

Even tho Fall is a coming and a going quickly, I have managed to capture some really beautiful Instagram images along the way. Tis the season for PUMPKIN Pics, ya know! Enjoy!

My husband and I just got back from a quick Vegas trip this weekend. We tend to always make our way to Vegas in October which means we are lucky enough to catch the Bellagio Autumn Harvest Exhibit every year. This year they had this amazingly enormous cornucopia display! LOVE all the pumpkins and that big one is so impressive! They always have a couple bigs ones like this every year. I wanna say they are like 400 lbs or prolly more.

Check out all these Instagram shots on my Instagram page if you want a closer look. 

1 - a close up shot of my warty gords I have in a bowl for the centerpiece on my dining room table

2 - two pumpkins and a firplace - in my living room

3 - first pumkin I saw in Kroger this year back in beginning of September - how cool is the PATTERN on it?

4 - golden nails for Fall

5 - Starbucks Fall visuals

6 - the reason i started going back to Starbucks - PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!!! omg! - this one is all gone and I was so sad!

7 & 8 - Northpark Mall pumpkins ALWAYS are beautiful. Northpark really is the classiest and most interesting Mall you will ever go to!

9 - Caramel Apple flavored Milky Ways??? Bag gone in 2.5 seconds! Pregnant lady likes! haha

10 - Fall means Football! So these are my LSU nails!


Sep 16

Music Monday: X Ambassadors

I see pattern…

…on music album covers!

I LOVE this new band discovery I found today, actually! Plus I love the texture pattern on the back of the chair that is on the cover of this cd. I believe I have taken an Instagram pic of an upholstery pattern just like this one! ;)

Enjoy the pretty pattern and the MUSIC!


Aug 27

Camouflage, Yes That Is How You Spell It!

I see pattern…

…even though it is camouflaged!



Hey yall! How is everyone doing this Tuesday morning? I have a full day planned today! Starting my day out with this camo post here on I See Pattern! 

I recently noticed at Gap while unloading our Fall 1 shipment, that camouflage was repeatedly popping up! I was waiting for it, to be honest. Gap got some Camo printed skimmer skinnies last Spring and they sold out in a matter of seconds! So I started watching the trend and just knew it was going to be big for Fall. I feel like every Fall and sometimes Summer seasons, Camo plays some sort of a part. This pattern is another one of those prints that is always needed each season. As a Textile Designer, you will be challenged every season to come up with more camo options that are different and better than your last season collection! This year, I predict camo will be bigger than usual. Here are some camo prints I saw at UO and Gap that are already hitting the stores for Fall. The more we get into Fall/Winter, the more camo I think will appear. It’s already everywhere! Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters

 Love mixing the tribal pattern with the Camo print!

Three very different examples of Camouflage above and another style below!

Classic Camo on the inside of some VANS! Pop of pattern. Love that!

Fall leaf inspired camo print.

Love this little print. Camouflage can be inspired by hunting gear or influenced by the military. You can really go a couple different ways with the trend. It doesn’t have to just be boring ole Camo.

VANS picked up on the trend apparently! ;)

I cannot tell you how many different camo prints I had to come up with for socks when I worked with legwear fulltime. I love these UO Men’s socks bc of the color choices. You have your typical camouflage olive greens and tans, but then they added the turquoise-peacock color with the normal camo colors. And, of course, I love the heel toe cuff that is colored a lovely orangey-red. These men’s socks are a great example of a pair of hip yet classic camouflage printed socks. 

Believe it or not, this back pack is not from Bass Pro. This is a great example of where the sport of hunting can be a huge influence in fashion. This was at UO! Love the fluorescent orange detailing, too!


There was SOOOOO much Camouflage at Gap that I missed my time to take pictures. It was a little overwhelming! My iPhone just couldn’t take it. haha I did take a couple that you will see below. But, basically, Gap took a couple different prints and colored them out in a variety of color combos (mainly a warm, a cold, and a traditional). Then they put the prints on everything from clothing to accessories! A lot of it is already on sale, tho. I think they over did it and introduced it too early. Like I mentioned, Gap is now doing a Fall 1 and Fall 2. I think had they waited to put the camo trend more in Fall 2, It would have done a little better. Altho, I have to say, I still really liked everything! It is just too much for most customers, I think. People will only buy one item, not all of it, ya know?  Of course, the other day I did have a lady come in wearing the blue camo printed dress that is second on the top row in the image above. She came up to the counter wearing her indigo/navy camo printed dress and bought the traditional camo skinnies. haha She told me she can’t get enuf of the camo stuff! haha SO maybe there are some others, like me, that love and want it all! ;)

This is one of the three or so camo patterns that Gap has in stores right now. This is a blouse that is oh so cute! No maternity version tho. ;(

These were an update to the Spring skimmers that sold so well. I love the zipper add in update! These come in a peachy/pink colorway, as well.

If I weren’t preggo, I so would have had these mint Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis! They are even mintier in person. I am not sick of mint, yet, but it is slowly dying. None the less, you gotta love a good camo print in a minty pastel colorway!

Love this dark indigo blue color option! And that jacket is too cute! Altho, gap, why did you do that jacket in all the colorways??? We will never sell them all. haha Love the blue and the traditional camo colored ones, tho!

Camouflage Pattern Book

One last thing before I wrap this post up!

I have this book of camo patterns with a cd of 100 royalty free eps files of camo pattern examples that designers are free to use in their artwork. While I was flipping thru the book for inspiration, I noticed a pattern that looked familiar. I had taken a pic of a shirt in UO that matches one of the patterns in my book! For the designers out there that work in house for a company, there are books like this that you can use on occasion. We had some at my last job, but I usually preferred to come up with my own art. But if I did use something like this, I always tweaked it a bit. Which is exactly what it looks like was done below. You can see the pattern in my book is much more detailed and tighter. The designer of the pattern for this shirt, took bits and pieces from the pattern in the book and made a much simpler pattern for the Tee. Pretty interesting. I see things like this in the industry a lot. Mostly bc I notice things more than the regular Joe bc I am a Textile Designer and it’s what I do and I love pattern! If you are in the industry or you just loooooove patterns like I do, you may see things like this a lot, too. Anyway, compare below! And a link to where you can find this book if you are interested in owning it is here.

Hope you enjoyed!


Aug 21

My Lovely Lady Lump Baby Bump!

Announcing Baby Catarella!!! Yep, I’m pregnant! Twenty-five weeks pregnant, to be exact. “Funny story, the night of my last day at my full time sock design job was the night Baby Cat was made! hehe Literally one door closed and another one opened. Husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, check out “my hump, my hump, my hump!”

Pregnant lady almost fell in the pool! “They say” you loose your balance easily while prego. That might be true! haha

Pregnancy has been way easier than everyone has said, but still a challenge at times. And, of course that third trimester hasnt come yet! Dreading that bc I hear it’s terrible!

First trimester was basically spent going to Gap work a bit nauseous at 6am and coming home and crashing! The nausea wasn’t horrible, especially once my doctor gave me some medicine to take to help settle my stomach. Once I took that, 10 minutes later I was fine. But the exhaustion was really the worst. It was just frustrating bc I FINALLY had time to give to the blog and other projects I had been dreaming about doing for years, and, well, none of that happened. I just had to go and get myself knocked up, huh? KIDDING!

Second trimester has been great! Getting big has been my biggest (no pun intended) challenge. Some nights, I don’t sleep well, but I just pack pillows all around me and I get thru it. Altho, I still haven’t had much time for I See Pattern and what not! We have traveled a lot during second trimester (bc we know that may come to a screeching halt once we become three) and I have had company come a lot bc I finally have days to give to friends and family. Also, the nesting instinct has been taking up a lot of my days. When I haven’t been playing host or traveling, I have been nesting away. Organizing things in the house, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, taking care of outside repairs (being a home owner), and getting prepared for baby. Oh, PS, baby is a surprise. We have decided not to find out the sex. I know, you are thinking we are crazy, but I don’t get why everyone needs to know that. To prepare you say? It’s a baby, you know that for sure, I hope. So prepare for a baby! haha Plus, I just think it’s going to be great to be in the moment and hear the doctor say, “IT”S A _______!!!”

Sorry for the above photo! LOL But I had to! Hee hee!

Aside any pregnancy symptoms bad or good, It is truly a blessing, and totally crazy at the same time. The baby moves a lot! So weird. I’m actually getting used to it now. Only less than four or so months to go! Sweet Baby Cat is due December 5th!

The future is exciting around here, y’all! I am going to have to start posting baby patterns, huh? hehe


Aug 12

Music Monday: MAYA by M.I.A.

I see pattern…

…on music cover albums!

Enjoy craZy M.I.A. music and the craZy patterned album cover!


Aug 06

Zoo Day

I see pattern…

…on aNiMaLs at the DALLAS zOO!!!

Hey y’all! I have been a lil busy being a host lately which is why I have been absent over here on I See Pattern! :( 

My very best friend and her two and a half year old daughter came for a week’s visit recently. We hung out by our pool, made play-doh thanks to a pin I pinned on pinterest, watched “Finding Nemo” and “Lilo and Stitch” both about a million times over… But the highlight of the week was when WE TOOK A TRIP TO THE ZOOOO!!!

That first Monday of me not working at my full time job, I made a list of things I wanted to do now that I had a more flexible schedule. “Go to the Dallas Zoo” was written at the top of that To-Do list! As a pattern designer, I know that there is a constant need for animal prints like Cheetah/Leo, Giraffe, and Zebra/Tiger in the textile and surface design world. Each season, the trend fits somewhere in the mix and is repeated over and over again. Coming up with new and different designs is hard work and requires much inspiration. When my friend said she was visiting with her toddler, I jumped on the opportunity and suggested we visit the ZOO! Boy did we have fun and I got many shots of some great animal print patterns!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well, actually, giraffes and tigers and cheetahs, oh my! ;) Enjoy!

The Illustrations that went along with the zoo’s design identity had interesting pattern inspiration, as well. Love these two color line drawings that were on the walls and such around the zoo!

As an LSU graduate and super fan, I can’t take a picture of a Tiger and not mention my purple and gold pride! Hey, SECers, who’s ready for football season!? I am and I for sure know the hubs is! ;) GEAUX Tigers!

I loooooved the turtles! How cool is this pattern on it’s shell? Geometric prints are frequently trending, as well. Love this one!

Ending with owls bc these things just won’t go away. haha!

Owl loved visiting the Dallas Zoo! If you are in the area, you should definitely make a trip to see the animals and all of their wonderful patterns!


Jul 22

Music Monday: Aim and Ignite by Fun.

I see pattern…

…on music album covers!

PEACOCK pattern peaking out in this “fun” album cover for Fun. Enjoy!



Jul 13

Sock Shop

I see pattern…

on socks at Target!

Hey y’all! Went to Target and saw some great patterns on their socks! I will always be obsessed with socks. Working with the fun product for five years only made my obsession even greater! When I was in third grade back in 1991, my family and I lived in London. My mom and I were so amazed by all the patterned socks that were there. They had a store called The Sock Shop. We made a weekly stop in that store just to look at all the fun socks! Back then, you just didnt see patterned socks like that in the states. Luckily now, socks have made a comeback and funky patterned legwear is everywhere! Socks are even in places as convenient as Target! Enjoy!

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend!


Jul 09

Music Monday on a Tuesday: The Bearer of Bad News by Andy Shauf

I see pattern…

…on music!


Jul 08

I see pattern…

…shopping around!

More Tribal prints from H&M, VS Pink, and F21! Enjoy!


Victoria’s Secret and Pink

Forever 21


Jul 01

Music Monday: JT 20/20

I see pattern…

…on music!

If you haven’t been jamming to Justin Timberlake’s new album, listen now! 

I do hate the eye doctor (especially that puff in the eye part), but this cd cover design for JT’s 20/20 album makes for a great circle pattern!



Jun 26

Tribe 21

I see pattern…

…all over Forever 21!

There are SO MANY Tribal prints at Forever21 right now! OMG! The whole store is beautifully covered in these geometric styled prints. It is so fun to walk through. Forever21 will “forever” be stocking their racks with these types of patterns. Their “21 year old” customer must love this trend because every year, whether it be summer or fall or both, this store has a Tribal inspired trend somewhere on the floor. I must say, it never gets old for me either! I guess it’s Forever21’s FOREVER Trend! Enjoy!



Jun 25

Tropic Shop

I see pattern…

…at H&M, Pink VS, and Forever 21!

Was looking for fun cute summery icon patterns like in last couple posts, but found Tropic Shops instead! I wanna go to Hawaii now! Enjoy!


Had to add the flamingo. Only icon summery print I saw here. 

Pink! at Victoria’s Secret


I see pattern on clothes and in fashion, but also on hangtags for the clothes! Again, I am obsessed with flamingo art right now, so of course my eyes went to this hangtag immediately! How cute is the flamingo/palmtree pattern below?

Saw lots of the Tribal stuff at these stores, as well. Will be sharing that next post!